Back To School Shoe Survival Guide
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Back To School Shoe Survival Guide

The new school year is just around the corner. Yes, we went there. And a new school year means recess, schoolyard games, fun, and course, the need for proper footwear— because a schoolyard superstar is only as good as their footwear. From running shoes and boots to sandals and rain boots, your child is going to need an assortment of properly fitting footwear for their return to school. Use this month’s blog as a footwear checklist as you and your family prepare for the next school year, and return to school in style.

Recess-proven Runners

It’s no secret that kids love to play. And what’s better for playground fun than a proper pair of running shoes. Sneakers provide the snug fit, proper cushioning, support and materials your child needs for safe and enjoyable play. As a bonus, running shoes also come in endless designs and colours, so your child is sure to find a pair they love. And with today’s advances in design and technology, there are also many laceless options for those kids who haven’t quite mastered tying their shoes. Running shoes truly are a must-have for any child, young or old, returning to school.

The New Balance FuelCore Reveal sneakers for boys and girls are a great example of a kid-friendly running shoe. They provide the support and cushioning needed for uninterrupted play, they’re available in fun multicolour designs and they also feature a Boa lacing system. The Boa system replaces traditional laces with a ratchet system attached to a midfoot canopy and heel wrap. These provide a customized fit without the need for tying laces— maximizing playtime.






Schoolyard-tested Sandals

Next up in our Back To School Shoe Survival Guide are sandals. After all, it’s still summer when the kiddies return to school. But not just any sandals will stand-up to recess after recess of playing and keep your child’s foot protected from bumps and bruises at the same time. For schoolyard-tested sandals, nothing beats Keen’s Newport or Seaport styles.  Both provide the outsole and support of a sneaker, the protection of a closed-toe shoe and the airiness of a sandal. For hot summer school days turn to Keen for a sandal you can feel good about sending your child to school in.

Ball-kicking Boots

Sooner or later, the weather will start to cool down, and the leaves will begin to fall. When this happens, your child will want something a bit warmer than running shoes or sandals. Sure, running shoes will still be a necessity indoors, but for outdoor footwear, we highly suggest a comfortable pair of boots. And when it comes to boots, nothing beats Blundstone. Blundstone boots feature a comfortable, kid-friendly, slip-on design that makes them extremely easy for a child to slide on and off. And when they’re on, they’re also extremely comfortable and provide a snug fit that is ready for playtime. Plus, they’re incredibly durable, to boot (pun intended).

Puddle-jumping Rain Boots

And last but not least on our list of Back To School footwear essentials are rain boots. Rainy days are bound to happen, and we all know kids can’t resist the urge to run, jump and play in puddles. Lucky for you, a proper pair of Bogs rain boots can wash away all your worries. Bogs boots easily slip-on and are waterproof, durable and comfortable. And much like sneakers, they’re also available in numerous colours and patterns— allowing your little one to choose the design they love most.

But Do They Fit?

As you were reading, chances are you checked one or many of the footwear options above off your back-to-school list. You may have purchased some last year or received them as a hand-me-down from a fellow family member or friend. And although we’re all for getting as much life out of a pair of shoes or boots, it’s important to ensure each of your child’s pairs of shoes fits them properly and is comfortable. We prioritize fit over everything else and understand that a proper fitting shoe can be the difference between your child standing on the sidelines in pain or running and playing with everyone else. Take this time to check your family’s footwear and make sure everything fits properly and is in good condition. And if you’re unsure, stop in, and we’d be more than happy to help you determine the fit.

We hope your family has a great school year filled with much running, laughing and learning.

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