The Best Sandals for Your Vacation
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The Best Sandals for Your Vacation

At this time of year, it’s not uncommon for many of us to have wishful thoughts of getting away. Escaping the chilly weather to enjoy sunny days on the beach; leaving the hectic rush for some rest and relaxation; or finally taking that once-in-a-lifetime holiday excursion. Whether you’ve already booked your vacation or you’re planning to book one soon, this list of some of the best sandals for your vacation should help guarantee that your feet will enjoy the holiday as much as you do.

Relaxing Beachside or on a Cruise

When it comes to comfort, style and quality, Clarks is considered the pioneers in creating footwear that keeps your feet healthy and happy. The Breeze Sea from Clarks is a perfect example. Whether you’re planning to lounge on the cruise deck, shop the local markets or stroll the boardwalk, Breeze Sea’s EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) supportive midsole and soft footbed will keep you walking in style and comfort.
The-Breeze-SeaLet us explain why Clarks’ use of EVA is truly beneficial for your feet! The EVA midsole and footbed are specifically designed to provide cushioning and shock absorption so that your sandals feel light while your feet are well-supported, comfortable and feel stress-free. This makes the Breeze Sea an ideal sandal for any vacation.
Birkenstock_Women's Arizona-EVA-KhakiBirkenstock also uses EVA in plenty of their styles! Take the Women’s Arizona EVA in khaki which utilizes EVA for its odour-neutral, skin-friendly, waterproof and washable qualities making it an obvious no-brainer for your vacation. Birkenstock_Children's Gizeh-EVA-PinkBirkenstock-Children's Milano-EVA-Khaki

When it comes to your kids, consider the Children’s Gizeh EVA, available in pink or black, or the Children’s Milano EVA. Both are comfortable and easily cleaned should the kids make a mess of their sandals – just give them a good rinse and they’ll be good as new!

Day Tripping, BBQing or Boating
Being on vacation sometimes means you unexpectedly find yourself taking a boat ride, or a day trip to attractions, or an evening walk through town. Making sure your feet are prepared is easy with the tried and true Sperry Authentic Original 2 Eye boat shoe for men and women. The Authentic Original is still sewn by hand and has razor-cut siping, which are thin slits on its outsole, for added traction providing you sure footing from the boat deck to your back deck. Its 360° lacing system also gives you a customized fit that’s as relaxed or tightened up as you’d like. Not surprisingly, Sperry’s Authentic Original, similar to Birkenstock and Clarks, also features EVA in its heel cup for extra shock absorption and added comfort.
Maybe you just need a shoe to slip on while you barbeque, run to the market, or head to the spa. The Birkenstock Boston Clog is the perfect slip-on shoe for both men and women in these moments. It, too, has an EVA footbed, modelled after the original and well-loved cork styles from Birkenstock.

Don’t forget to pair your vacation footwear with a stylish hat or bag. Snag your accessories here!

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